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Re: Just seen the last episode... I'm outrage!

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Go back and read the sentence again.
I did. I don't know what you meant, but what you actually wrote compares all of DS9 and it's 7 seasons of "taking chances" to all of TNG, Voy, but inexplicably, only the first two seasons of Ent. Sounds like you're cherry picking to make DS9 look like the only one of the spins that took chances when in reality, Ent took more chances than any of the spins and TOS too for that matter. If you compare DS9 to all of Ent (as opposed to just the first two seasons), there is no way Ent could not be seen as at least as innovative as DS9 if not outright more innovative.
I said Enterprise's first two seasons were safe and predictable and thus bland and boring. I excluded seasons 3 and 4 because they at least tried something.
Right, we know that now, but that's not what your "sentence" (nor the rest of your original post) stated. If it had, I wouldn't have felt the need to respond.
Personally I think the Xindi arc had way too many filler episodes, wanted to facepalm at space Nazi's, thought the Romulan super remote ship was silly at best and let's not even go to TATV.. but they made the effort to do something and most of the series' good episodes came from those seasons. Sad thing was the damage was done and most people(myself included at the time of the original airing) had already given up on it in the first two seasons.
Um yes, but what does any of this have to do with taking, or not taking chances (which is the subject at hand)?
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