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Re: Girls - is this the man for you?

Some of the stuff he posted here is so over-the-top I am wondering if he is faking it. Perhaps that Jimmy Kimmel video is making me paranoid.

My ex girlfriend was more tolerant of gays than I am, my beliefs never bothered her. Yes I hate poverty stricken people, and that's what most of East Austin is. I believe in God & I believe in Love.
people in poverty have a choice, people that are poor CHOOSE to be poor! Life is whatever you make it!
i'm proud to be narcissistic, it's a healthy thing to be.
I'm not racist and I would never date a woman that is racist! I hate racism. But I do not believe in whites & blacks mixing sexually, and many blacks also agree with that too! And as far as you being offended, grow a pair dude. Who cares if you are offended? I sure as hell don't! There's no law against "offending" people. You are just overly sensitive dude. This can be a rough world, toughen up your skin. As far as the color you were born, sounds like that's a YP not a MP as in that's your problem, not my problem, go cry on someone else's shoulder. boo hoo lol
I thought I had found everlasting joy and happiness, but when I clicked the link, it just took me to a Rick Astley video.
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