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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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This was a good setup for the series. Not quite as good as his last duology but not bad. I really liked getting to "see" the new station. And its always nice to finally get some more DS9.
With the previous DS9 duology, the first book was blasted big time by a number of people as not being true to Sisko's character. Then the 2nd book came out and all was well again in the land of DS9. I'm seeing similar things going on here. Revelation and Dust did get blasted by a number of people and I'm hoping they eat their words by the time The Fall is complete (all the books released).
I'm sorry. But how I judge a book doesn't work like that, and I don't think it works for many others either. So far I've read both DRGIII's book, and Una's book. While some of the plot threads established in his book is a setup for hers, the fact that her book, IMO, is better written and a higher quality, doesn't change the fact that I think Revelation and Dust is a terrible read. And that won't change after reading all 5 of The Fall novels.

It's been explained, that while the books are under the umbrella title of "The Fall", the stories themselves are their own, separate story. DRGIII is a decent author. But even the greats can write a lemon every now and then.

Me personally, I blame the editor. And I'd bet real money that the editor on this book was a different one that did Typhon Pact: Raise The Dawn. I'm sorry, while it may not be a big deal in the overall story of the book, I find such a glaring mistake of Sisko being on one ship in the last book, and then having him on another totally different ship in the same exact, situation, is either blamed on the writer for writing it, or the editor for letting it go unnoticed in the editing process. That's a sign there was a lack of care in putting it together. And if you don't care about the small things you may not care about the big things either. Since the mistake was in the first couple of paragraphs of the prologue, I had a clue ahead of time that it was going to not to be to my liking, but still wanted to give it a shot.

If I was alone in my overall opinion of the book, that's one thing and I'm just an ass for making a big deal about it. But too many others feel as I do. This novel was a missed opportunity to be a great book.
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