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Re: Revolution Season 2 - spoilers

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Wasn't Neville commanding the Monroe Republic at the end of Season One? What happened? He wussed out when a couple cities got nuked? He had nothing to do with that...
Actually at the end of last season he was commanding a small group of Munroe forces around the tower. More than likely the rest of the Munroe Republic never heard of him.

Though, one has to wonder, what became of all the pendant powered vehicles at the tower? Do the pendants no longer work?

The time jump was a cheap copout and robbed us of the best part of the story - the immediate fallout of the events of the season finale.

I agree, poor lazy writing that seems to happen a lot now a days. Its lets have this big thing happen at the end of the season and have no pay off of the immediate fallout next season. Just like was pulled on Supernatural at end of season 7 and beginning of season 8.

So why didn't they just turn the power back on after they crashed the nukes?
Again one of the coolest things about last season is finally we have electric back, how to see how the world handles having it back on and seeing how everyone deals with the rebuilding etc.
Way to screw that good story.

Last night's episode had a series of flashbacks. It's possible they will continue to show us how things unfolded - we can only hope.
That just kills the hype of the new season and the flow of it. Didn't like it last year on Supernatural either.

I think Rachel, Miles and the group quickly realized that society as it existed at that moment - a series of autocracies ruled by a bunch of megalomaniaces - wasn't ready to handle having the power turned on wholesale for everyone
If so then they are stupid. You just had 2 major cities get nuked, you think a little thing like surrounding areas having electric would be a good thing.

And the fact the dead can now come back to life, I mean please, talk about taken a great thing from last season and totally changing the show.
I give it one more episode but not liking the direction.
That awkward moment when your killed by you wife, in front of your wife, who then precedes to kill your wife, while your best friend is off to the side pregnant with your wife. Doctor Who!
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