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Re: What Are You Wearing?

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Heading out the door in jeans, a black elliptical t-shirt, black tie shoes with 2.5 inch heels and black socks, black Coach bag. Multi-colored beaded earrings (black, blue, pink, red, green...). And the diamond/platinum ring that I wear almost all the time.

I realized that none of my Doctor-worthy clothes fit me, so I'll have to be content with aiming for Companion-worthy.
What is an elliptical t-shirt? Otherwise you sound quite spiffy!

Companion-Worthy sounds quite good to me!
Thank you. I felt spiffy. And am about to get more so to go out to dinner with a friend. Replacing the colorful earrings with simple silver ones so I can wear a hat that's gray and blue and has a gorgeous ostrich feather on it.

An elliptical shirt or skirt is longer in the back than the front, so when you look at it from the side, the hem is at a slight (or not so slight!) angle.
I never knew that was the name for it. I am not particularly fond of the extreme form of this that has been on trend for awhile now -- as auntiehill's niece so rightly points out, they look like mullets -- but I do like the more subtle version. It also helps with a problem any bubble-butt-endowed gal will understand: that is, when you don't tailor a skirt with a regular hemline the opposite occurs, and the hem hangs lower in the front than in the back because your booty is more than it can handle.

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