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Re: Guess which new show will be canceled first?

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The Blacklist. Feels like a Homeland lite, and apart from Spader, nothing much interesting or new in opener. Unless they pull something really interesting, or it dramatically improves, can't see it lasting.
Definitely. I saw the first ten or so minutes last night, and it was pathetic. A top fugitive walks into the FBI HQ... and something like thirty guards fan out with their weapons drawn in a beautifully symmetric display, with not one shouting so much as a word?!

Also, one of my friends back in high school loudly and repeatedly considered Harry Lennix the worst actor ever for the way he barked "Dammit Morpheus!" and other lines in The Matrix Reloaded, and now whenever I see him in Man of Steel or here, I just get this instant "totally horrible actor!" reaction, which I don't even feel myself, but I haven't seen him show any other performance, either. Seems he's always playing Commander Locke.
Serbian terrorist with a Russian accent, and with a seemingly Islamic surname (definitely not Slavic)... Jesus, why do American screenwriters always screw these things up? Wikipedia is just a click away, for fuck sake. What is it that they say? In the age of information, ignorance is a choice? Shit.

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But seeing as it was the highest rated premiere for a drama in four seasons, I doubt that it's going anywhere soon.
Remember that obscure little show called Enterprise? How many people watched Broken Bow? 12 million? Just sayin'.

Also, Flash Forward and Terra Nova opened with similar numbers, IIRC.
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