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Re: Just seen the last episode... I'm outrage!

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But I'll take that knowing that hey at least DS9 was willing to take chances, and is making the effort as opposed to TNG sticking to the same formula, Voyager staying safe by not straying too far from it either, and ENT's first two seasons where things were just cheap imitations.
Why would you limit the comparison to Ent's seasons 1 and 2? They may not have shown any imagination in those first two, but season 3 of Ent took as many "chances" as DS9 did in it's entire 7 season run.

In season 3 we saw the first season long arc based on a single mission, a Vulcan take drugs (and become addicted) because she simply wanted to, an "emotional" Vulcan High Command, crewmembers being ejected into space through holes in the hull during battle. And though we have seen starships damaged and even crash, I don't recall any sight in Trek more arresting than watching the NX-01 listing, nose over nacelles out of control, and spouting smoke as in Azati Prime.

Oh, and we got our first nude scene in Trek in Ent's season 3. We have never seen a Trek series do what Ent did with it's cold openings.

Season 4 brought us the first Mirror Universe episodes that did not include real universe characters. There are probably more that I have forgotten.

When it came to taking chances, Ent took a backseat to none of the other three spinoffs.
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