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Re: Users destroy iPhones after fake waterproof advert

Mr. Adventure wrote: View Post
You know, there are some times when one probably should put down the phone.
If you think the toilet is a bad idea, try an icy ramp some day. The phone is usually the first to fall, and then you follow shortly, smashing all over it. The bastard is dead, and your ass hurts. If you're lucky, you might get a bruise in its shape.

Besides, I rarely use my phone elsewhere. Reading a book and illuminating the toilet pan when the lights are out – people use their phones for other things now?

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
I've never seen a phone jump out of a pocket into the water in a suicide attempt.
Making stuff crawling down your pockets with your pants down is relatively easy, but if you've got trouble with getting stuff crawl up, I can help. I've done both multiple times.
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