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Re: What Are You Wearing?

Right now I'm wearing a sort of emerald green shirt (I think they're called tennis shirts in English?) with a big ole white lettered "67" on the back. I didn't buy it because of the number, buy rather in spite off since I really dig the emerald green. Brings out my eyes With that some pretty decent jeans. No socks because I just out of the shower, it's evening and I don't need no socks at home!

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Can I swoon? I'm gonna swoon. *Swoons his ass off* Girl, you you can carry up a dress.

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^But...but...fantasizing about shagging myself is boring.
Clearly, you are not trying hard enough.
Well, I did have a dream once that involved a blow job in which I was both the man and the woman at the same time. That definitely wasn't boring.

I don't know if other ladies here ever dream that they are men, but I do every so often. I wonder what it means that whenever I dream I am a man I have a huge penis. And I mean huge.

Like a baguette.

Anyway, back to clothes...
Wow everyone else has way more interesting sex dreams than I do.

But the point here is not that, the point here is penis.
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