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If we can create these particles, and detect them, and they are tachyons, theoretically we should be able to construct a Dirac radio and start receiving messages from the future.
Here is something that has always bothered me. I am also a lay person, so I am hoping someone can show me what I am misunderstanding.

I do not see how traveling faster than light speed (or sending information faster than light speed) would mean you could receive messages from the future. Even if information were transmitted at 10 times the speed of light, nobody receives that information until after the event creating it happens. In this hypothetical they would simply receive it 10 times faster than it would take the light from the event to get there, but the event still happened in the past. I see no bridge between the past and present being created in the relativistic sense just based on sending information faster than light speed. Where am I off on this?
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