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Re: Guess which new show will be canceled first?

I still haven't seen Super Fun Night so I'm not gonna judge it yet, but from what I've heard I'd agree it'll likely be cancelled.

Out of the other new shows...I hope Agents of SHIELD isn't cancelled, it's been my favorite so far.

Dads and Brooklyn 99 both bored me to tears so I'm happy to watch Agents of SHIELD during that time slot.

Mom was cute, but I don't know if Anna Ferris can pull off a TV series. Allison Janney helps though I don't think she's enough to save the show either. It'll likely be cancelled by mid season, the other Monday night CBS shows are much stronger.

Goldbergs had a very nice Wonder Years vibe to it, but the visuals WERE awful but that's the 80s for you. The older son reminds me of Chip from last year's 1600 Penn. In other words...a likely cancel. It really doesn't have enough going for it.

Lastly I've seen Trophy Wife...and uggggh. Awful, awful show. The littlest kid was cute and Bradley Whitford's a good put upon husband, but that's all. ANOTHER likely cancel.

The one that really has me going 'What were they thinking?' in terms of the premise and how they'll be able to continue on for very long is Hostages. The doctor's family were all horrible people and if she let them die I wouldn't blame her. The whole 'is he good, or is he bad' about Dylan McDermott's character is interesting, for a little while at least. But how they'll pull this off for a whole season, let alone longer, I have no idea.

My guess is either Hostages or Trophy Wife will be the first cancelled if Super Fun Night isn't.
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