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Re: GTA V Announced

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Unlocked Trevor. Man he's nuts. A fun nuts but nuts.

And man, planes "drive" like a slightly more controllable paper airplane.
I love switching to Trevor. He often seems to have been doing something wacky. And I especially like that whatever it was is left to your imagination.

As with driving, aircraft handling supposedly improves the more you do it (without crashing, that is). I have filled out most of the three characters' driving skill (easy to do, considering the nature of the game) and there is a slight, but noticeable improvement in handling. Especially with sports cars.

I have mixed feelings about the game's whole skills mechanic. While I can see where it adds gameplay value, there are times when fishtailing into traffic in a car that is uncontrollable, not because of poor driving, but because I haven't filled out some stat is pretty infuriating. I guess it's "immersive".

On balance, though, it's not too bad. I look forward to replaying some missions with the skills maxed out.
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