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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Battlestar Galactica wasn't cancelled. Here's a list of awards and nominations it won in its 4 seasons.

...with all due respect, Madam Vice Admiral.
As I mentioned before (Maybe in a different thread?), yes, it did get critical acclaim and got awards, but ratings sank and it did indeed get cancelled. The awards and critical praise is what allowed it to last as long as it did, because SyFy hoped those awards and critical acclaim would gain it ratings and "up" their brand image, but, despite the awards and praise, they finally had to cut it loose due to ratings that were too low for too long. If it didn't get that praise and awards, it would've been cancelled sooner
It never seems to work. In this business once you've "lost'em", they are gone.

The same for Enterprise season 4. Most agree it's the best season of Enterprise and one of the best trek seasons. But the numbers didn't come back at all.
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