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The most liked episode of DS9: Season 6

Time for Season 6. Here are the results so far:

Season 1: "Duet"
Season 2: "The Wire"
Season 3: "The Die is Cast"
Season 4: "The Visitor"
Season 5: "Trials and Tribble-ations"

Now it's time to vote for your favorite episode from season 6. After we're done with each season, we'll vote for the favorite overall.

The poll will be open for a week to give as many people a chance to vote as possible. Comment on your favorite, but don't forget to vote!


I'm going for another one that will probably not win, but hey, I'm a hopeless romantic. You guessed it. "His Way." They finally kiss! Come on! I waited forever for this! You know, I thought about mentioning some other episodes here that are among my favorites, but I would end up listing most of the season. I laughed. I cried. I rejoiced. I got angry. There are obvious favorites in this season, so I'll let you all battle it out. Have fun!
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