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Re: Guess which new show will be canceled first?

lurok wrote: View Post
The Blacklist. Feels like a Homeland lite, and apart from Spader, nothing much interesting or new in opener. Unless they pull something really interesting, or it dramatically improves, can't see it lasting.
It's on NBC and it's on after The Voice, unless the ratings bomb real bad in week 2 it will be around all season.

Takeru wrote: View Post
Dads will be the first, it's awful

I haven't seen Super Fun Night but all reviews I read said it stinks, so I don't think it will last very long.

I also have bad feeling about Dracula.
Isn't Dracula just a miniseries anyways?

Aldo wrote: View Post
Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The one where Andy Samburg plays a New York Detective was actually quite funny, I thought. But it's time-slot: up against both 'NCIS' and 'Agents of SHIELD' will probably kill it's on FOX.
What does it being on Fox do? Fox is trying, and failing, to have a comedy night. Dads and The Mindy Project will both be canceled far ahead of Brooklyn 9-9.
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