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Re: USS Vengeance & Mass Destruction.

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Isn't attempting to prevent death the driving force in almost all of Trek?
Yeah, and this new take sucks at it. Try to save everyone in the meeting room? Nope. Khan kills a good chunk of them. Try to reason with the Klingons? Nope. Khan starts a fight which leaves all of the Klingons dead. Try to capture Admiral Marcus alive? Nope. Khan brutally kills him. Try to stop the Vengeance from crashing into San Francisco after restoring power to the Enterprise's system? Nope. We don't even get a "There's not much power!" or anything as to why the Enterprise didn't try and prevent the Vengeance from crashing. They just sit there.
Doesn't this simply show that the stakes are horribly high, and that the Enterprise and her crew are against insurmountable odds?

I really wonder what the Enterprise, even at full power and structural integrity, could do to stop a ship more than 3 times its size from crashing. No tractor beam could haul the Vengeance in. And the Enterprise was already severely battered, it's unfair to say the crew just sat there when minutes ago they weren't sure if they were going to live.

I think above the others, this jab against the Enterprise not trying to prevent the Vengeance from crashing is ridiculous and unfair.
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