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Re: The question of God or a higher power in ST

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I always thought it was pretty obvious religion isn't really something around on Earth anymore.
Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and several Native American religions are still around, or at least their practices and customs are continued to be observed (the same is likely true for Judaism and some other religions too).

I think it's just a case that most Humans don't tend to openly flaunt their personal religions. It may be a case that Earth actually has more religions than most worlds and one way Humans have been able to keep the peace with one another is by becoming a more nondenominational society.
Look at Picard's attitude to Q, the Federation's attitude to the prophets - they look at the scientific explanations first.
Picard looked as Q as being a very powerful life-form, like so many others that the Federation has encountered before. And the Federation's attitude towards the Prophets was based on a similar philosophy, but perhaps soured by the idea of the Bajorans mistaking just very powerful aliens as gods, IMO.

I think the definition of God is something that will always be an arbitrary one by whoever defines it: Is it just one god or many gods? Male or female? Creator of the Universe or just one aspect of it? Human in shape or not? Unless there's a universal answer to all of these, there will always be a question raised--are you really God?--whenever Starfleet encounters a very powerful life-form, because it's so easy to mistake them as gods.
The Federation should have a great grasp on the origins of the universe when you look at the progress of humanity in that field, but you can't really expect the writers of a TV show to hazard a guess at this.
I think this is one area where Trek tries not to be preachy, so it allows different points of views. It may be Starfleet policy to be more secular, but quite a few of the alien civilizations they encounter have thriving religions.
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