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Re: What Are You Wearing?

Who knew this would become such a fun thread? *TSQ* every post you submit reinforces my suspician you'd be such a hoot to know and hang out with! Your adorable selfie is blessedly duck-face free - I wish my neices would get the hint. It makes forays onto facebook downright painful. Bleurghhh!

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So if this is rambly. I'm kinda high.
I'll have what you're having.

Black slacks and black zip-neck polo. White Vans.

Is it sartorially no-no to wear white shoewear with all black?
I might not mind some of what she's having either! As for white tennies/trainers with all black is probably stark and stylish. Imho!

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A pair of jeans and a maggies polo. And socks.

Might be a silly question but how do you know if your jeans fit you right? Mine are kind of baggy and have that sort of 'fat guy who lost weight' look when I wear them
The baggy jeans might not be the most flattering but there is something ego-boosting about wearing clothes that you have worked your way out of sizewise - and it was work wasn't it? You should celebrate that! Now it's time to find a pair of jeans that shows the ladies how trimmed up you are!

Really don't fancy BEING the Doctor, although he's loverly ( I look forward to Mr. Capaldi's interpretation) I don't want to carry the weight of all that responsibilty around on my shoulders!

Black boots, skinny black jeans, white blouse with sweter vest - it's acrylic but cute, black wool cardigan. Hair a total loss as usual.

Not wearing as many bracelets as before, got a little tattoo on inside of wrist I don't mind being quite visible.
Just one woman; doing what I can, with what I've got, where I'm at!
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