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Did the Equinox 5 survive?

It's possible that Janeway sent them on suicide mission after suicide mission until they all died?

Janeway didn't courtmartial/have a trial for anyone (Except Quinn.).

She punished still as yet innocent until found guilty peoples as if she was the Punisher from Marvel comics and movies.

Can you imagine the Maquis and the Equinox 5 in the dock trying to tell the courts on Earth that they have already worked off any sentence which would be levelled against them, only to find out that Janeway never filed jack squat to agree to anysuch agreement?

If the Equinox 5 had all routinely died during the course of the mission home, their misconduct could have been brushed under the table?
who exactly did she punish and how? she punished Seven once and restricted her access, and she punished Tom once by demoting him. Who else did she actually punish?
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