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Re: Spock's child - yay or nay?

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This has got to happen.

I've been waiting 20 years for this. Bring it on!

That's why Saavik stayed behind on Vulcan to have the baby and keep it secret from Spock. She doesn't want Spock to know what he did. Looks like I'm writing the fanfiction story right here.
Probably why the idea was jettisoned in the first place. That and the idea is made all the ewwww, when you factor in that in the novels and comics Spock is sort of an adoptive father to Saavik--having rescued her from Hellguard as child and taken on himself to raise in the ways of Vulcan.

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It would be cool if Spock and Uhura had a kiddo that grew up and ultimately sacrificed himself to restore the timeline... give it the whole emotional bonding to a character that gets Jossed.
So basically ripping of the story behind the novel Time For Yesterday.
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