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Re: Operation – Annihilate: Operation – Stay Awake

The only thing that irked me about "Operation -- Annihilate!" was the cheap device of Spock being blinded. Of course, we knew he would regain his sight before the closing credits rolled.

Doug Otte wrote: View Post
It's interesting to see the TRW employees watching the filming from the walkway overhead. I wonder if it was hard to keep them quiet during takes?
That shouldn't have been a problem. We Southern Californians are used to seeing film crews everywhere and we know how to conduct ourselves when a location shoot is in progress. Besides, all the dialogue in the outdoor scenes had to be looped in postproduction anyway.

scotpens wrote: View Post
A lot of fans thought the location was a college campus. Here's a link to a screencap of a well-composed shot, with the walkway in the foreground blocking out the TRW logo on the tall white building.
On second thought, it would have been a pretty hefty coincidence if an overhead walkway just happened to be in the right place for that shot. I'm sure the dark triangle in the upper left corner is just a piece of cardboard or something mounted on a stand in front of the camera.

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