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Re: Retro Review: Trials and Tribble-ations

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The first thing that comes to Sisko’s mind about talking to Kirk is asking him about fighting the Gorn. Really?
Yes, I was wondering about that myself but for different reasons. Surely Kirk's log report was rather extensive (first "physical" contact with a previously unknown species) so unless it became classified, how did Sisko even learn about the fight on Cestus III.

Ben Maxwell wrote: View Post
I would’ve told Kirk, “last year you marooned a bunch of people on Ceti Alpha 5, you might want to tell the shaggy headed Russian to stay away from there.”
That would have constituted a time-continuum violation, besides Chekov was supposedly somewhere aboard the Enterprise during "Space Seed". But I would have been tempted to tell him "Don't forget about the people you left on Ceti Alpha V".

Here is one of my favorite scenes from this episode. Apparently the previous assignment of that fella aboard the Enterprise was to move cargo containers around with his bare hands.

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