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Re: Stargate to receive movie reboot, trilogy planned

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this is my opinion about the rumored Stargate reboot this is how I feel sorry if it offends

Stargate is not Star Trek nor is it Star Wars it’s not known in the mainstream pop culture for many decades like ST & SW are so there is not this big built in audience like those 2 have and if they would reboot it like ST it would alienate the very small built in audience it has.

The original Stargate movie did not build the fan-base or franchise the series’s did and I am sorry Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich are not Gene Roddenberry or George Lucas they did not have the vision Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner did they saw more than Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich ever could have dreamed of when they thought the Stargate went all over the galaxay and universe DD & RE could only see it as going between 2 planets they were short sighted sorry this really aggravates me I don’t think if either one of those guys gets their way it would bring back the SG franchise like some people seem to think it could

I think it would be a major flop and kill the SG franchise for good because MGM wouldn’t spend anymore money for it and SG is my favorite scifi space oprea franchise I enjoy both ST & SW I love them both equally (I really don’t understand why there is animosity between those fandoms I have met a few people in RL who are it’s one or the other it really baffles me why that people argue which is better it’s scifi space opera entertainment that’s good enough to me) but I miss SG I really don’t want it to be killed off for good.
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As a franchise, Stargate is dead.
That's not entirely true, since it still has an ongoing novel line from Fandemonium Books. Actually it's been six months since the last new one came out, but apparently there are several more unscheduled ones being planned and the publisher's website still says it's accepting queries.
I'd still agree with the sentiment that it's dead. You know how tiny the audience for tie in novels is.
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