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Re: Rugby Union 2013 Thread

The White thing is a bit of an eye-opener. He made a lot of noise at one stage about seeing out his contract, doing what he wanted to do there, other jobs weren't in the equation until he'd done those things etc etc - and now this. If it's really about spending time with his family at home in SA, that's reasonable and understandable. If it's some sort of dummy spit about not getting the Wallaby gig...well, that's another matter. Ultimately, the truth of the matter really isn't any of anyone's business anyway. It does give McKenzie a level of security that, so far, he hasn't even begun to earn. That part's somewhat unfortunate.

I really, really hope O'Connor never wears a Wallaby jumper again.

Robinson shouldn't have been dropped in the first place but his return is a bit of a surprise (to me, anyway). How the other changes work out remains to be seen. I hope we have a go and it isn't another embarrassing blowout.
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