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Re: Operation Annihilate: Operation Stay Awake

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Now if I could only stay awake during "The Immunity Syndrome"!

YES! IS is a sleeper as well. Glad I am not alone on that one as well...
TOTAL sleeper. Maybe worst episode of TOS for that fact. No coolness like space hippies or Spock's hair being good after a brain operation. Just DULL. Woof.
Different strokes I guess. 40 years ago when I started watching TOS in reruns I started ranking them, and DOOMSDAY and IMMUNITY were always in my top 3 (other was usually BALANCE or OBSESSION.) I don't think IMMUNITY has EVER been out of my top 10. Wish they did more stuff that didn't bother with guest cast.

EDIT ADDON: odd, but the reason I went into this thread was I saw newest member name was dgerrold and I was wondering if it was David Gerrold. Info on page indicated he had posted here, but there's nothing here from him, and now when I go back to the username it has zero posts listed.
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