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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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We're talking about the beginning of the explosion which is a lot brighter
Hardly "alot." It only illuminates a slightly larger portion of the bridge dome than the torpedo itself. It also isn't "glare" since the illumination of the bridge dome is offset from the actual impact point.
Then how do you account for portions of the bridge dome not in Line of Sight to your hypothetical explosion point getting lit? The explosion point would need to be far to the port side of the bridge to illuminate it that way. It can only be glare.

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Now it could be argued that they got a "new ship" as in a ship they've never had before, but normally you wouldn't need to take an existing ship on a shakedown cruise. If it were a conversion ala TMP then this upgraded ship would've gotten new equipment just like a new build.
We don't know anything about the Enterprise-A except that it was given to Kirk as part of his punishment/demotion. For all we know, they dragged it out of mothballs a week ago and refurbished it just for Kirk.
Sure but we do see that by TUC she has a different vertical shaft than from her TWOK days. It doesn't appear to be older equipment.

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The E-D still had the horizontal piping connected to the vertical core.
Which, if you remember, could be physically isolated along with the rest of the core by the big drop door in the event of an emergency (which is exactly what happened in The Drumhead). E-D's engine room also seems to have a convenient transparency installed so that the chief engineer can still run the engines from his office AND visually see the warp core in the event that the reactor compartment has been sealed off.

TMP Enterprise doesn't have this option: when the big door comes down, most of the engine room is still locked in with the potentially-exploding intermix chamber and cannot even access their controls without swimming through a cloud of radiation. The offset dilithium chamber in the Wrath of Khan version at least has the virtue of being locked behind a barrier of some kind (as does its larger Abramsverse counterpart) but the plasma conduits are still exposed to the open air and cannot really be isolated in an emergency.
The TMP Enterprise appears to have room for another door to slide down a gap to further isolate the vertical shaft and a control panel foyer (the one near where Kirk gives Decker the bad news). Of course the TUC version doesn't have this potential problem since it uses the same room design as the E-D.
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