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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

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To clarify - I never meant to impugn the character or the sincerity of the Phase II production crew.

I saw the Kickstarter for your medical bills Pony, and I did re-share it at the time asking my friends on FB to donate as I had. I'm genuinely sorry you are experiencing such health problems.

My only point above was as I described. A curious and obvious ommission from the cut that was shared here.

As Loken and I have danced this dance before I have no real interest in getting into another endless spin on the melodramatic merry-go-round of deflection with him so I tried backing off. I'm backing off now even though he'll probably swoop in here to have the last word. And that's fine.

I wish you all the best.
Thanks so much, I greatly appreciate it!
No need to thank me. Besides, I'm a big fan of your "El Dorado to the Moon" video. I expect to see more like it in the future!
I hope to run that film at some of the bigger cons in the near future.

My Nixon short was run at a con in L.A. a year or so ago, and that was fun. It also ran at Fedcon, Germany to about 400 fans in the Main Room, and they seemed to like it from the reports I've heard. So bit by bit, I'm getting seen.

you should check out my latest, a trailer for Homer Hickam's novel CRESCENT. It's on YouTube as Crescent Trailer. I think it's Version 4.

check it out if you've not already seen it.

here's a link...
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