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Re: Pre TOS star cruiser....

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Hmm... I love the shape of the radome on the front of the lower hull, But I'm not so certain about the yellow color. How about just a paler version of the hull gray? As if the deflector hardware is under there, but the dome has "DO NOT PAINT" stenciled around the outside edge...?

Of course, it's your baby. Don't let me rain on your parade!

Note the model hasn't had materials assigned to it yet so what you're seeing presently isn't a true representation of the colours. The dome spikes and nav-deflector dome are actually supposed to be gold but look yellow on the raw model. Once the model has materials and textures assigned to it for final rendering than the colours will be more subtle and have reflective qualities in varying degree. The nav-deflector dome is also actually three tones of the same colour to show off the shape better.
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