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Re: Shinzon's motives

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That doesn't make sense, why does he want to defeat Earth at all? To further Romulan interests?
No. As I said, to prove his superiority to his oppressors and show the Romulan people that he could achieve what the Romulans' leaders had always failed to do, over several centuries.
1. Why should I care about that, how does this make him an interesting villain, his motives for attacking Earth are so forced, that I find his motives and characterization dull. Destroying Earth to prove he is superior to the Romulans, is frankly a really stupid motive. This motive would sense if he were Romulan, but as a former slave of the Romulans he has no reason to try and impress them.

2. That would further Romulan interests and again, if he hates them why would he care about impressing them? Why do anything to further their interests? Wouldn't killing his oppressors prove his superiority just as well and again from a characterization stand point, it makes more sense that he would want to destroy Romulus rather then Earth, wouldn't he be superior Romulans if he managed to kill them all.

Really having Shinzon try to destory Romulus would have made for a better movie, it would have made the Enterprise crew more heroic if they saved the planet of an enemy, rather then just saving their own home planet again.
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