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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"


Phase II is family. As those who actually go up there and work there asses off year after year actually MAKING fan films know. These are people who have worked together through long days and nights of shooting, produced something real, and shared experiences, while making no money at it at all (in fact spending our own money to be there!). And those experiences build bonds of friendship and more.

I would do for any Phase II crew member what I did for you, because that is what you do for family. And as you know, I am a person who takes action and does things. I don't sit behind the Internet and anonymously criticize people while not actually doing anything.

Mark Lewis, my post production supervisor and I will figure how to get you involved in the editing of Kitumba. Would love you to come see the Sol 7 Studios. At the very least, I have a ton of interviews that need editing I will get to you for Phase II and Axanar.

And if you need help getting that used car, let me know. I am back in LA tonight.

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