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Re: What Are You Wearing?

I definitely go for the easier, 20s bob. It's a subtle gradation and a floating neckline. I love it because it suits both my face and personality, as well as my style, it is a classic look so it never goes out of fashion, and it is extremely easy to manage -- cut it once every two or three months and trim my own bangs in between. As long as the girl who does the initial gut does a good job it grows out beautifully for a few months. And my girl does a great job. She works for Arrojo, charges $250 per cut, but she comes to my house and cuts my hair for $30 with an occasional freebie if I design a new tattoo for her.

So if this is rambly. I'm kinda high.

ETA, but I SWEAR I WASN"T HIGH BEFORE I only Took the Ambien 20 mintues ago! All that other stuff was sober Hannah. Hannah Banana baneena banoo. Hannallina ballerina. Hanners Nanners, Hanny Nanny, Nanny Goat, Goaty Girl. Hannah Beth. ..Bethy Wethy,Bethy Loo. HB Magee! Buffalo boobs. Seriously. no fucking clue where that came from. Of all the women in my family I have the smallest boobs. It must be the Indian in us.

My gof there were so many nicknames.
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