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Re: Fox Developing "Gotham" Young Jim Gordon Series

^I think he was responding to my "only Batman is really important" and suggesting that, as a result, a show without Batman would be pointless. But of course I was just riffing on the extant version of the concept. It's conceivable that a Jim Gordon solo series could work, if handled well. He's a rich enough character that he could potentially anchor a show.

Here's a thought: what if the pilot established that this was an alternate reality where Bruce was killed along with his parents, or else where the Waynes were never killed at all and Bruce just grew up to be a rich, shallow dilettante? But Gotham still descended into the mess it became, and so Gordon has to try to clean it up himself. Maybe with Harvey Dent as his ally, since he doesn't become Two-Face in this reality, but still has a darker side he keeps hidden. With no Batman, there's no Joker per se, but the gangster he was before the accident (known only as the Red Hood?) is still a dangerous psychopath. And so on. You could have a lot of the same bad guys, but not going the costume route because there's no Batman to counter. Thus you can "cape-proof" the concept and make it more accessible to the general audience, but also provide a simple explanation that would make sense of the premise for the comics audience: it's an Elseworlds story about a world without Batman.
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