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so they end being completely bland and generic
One of the reasons I like Insurrection (more so than most) is that it is more complex than the average Trek movie, Who the good guys are, and who the bad guys are isn't as obvious as it would first seem. The plot isn't black and white.

The movie could have been made simplistic but it wasn't, straight forward things like who the planet belongs too could have been easy by making the Baku indigenous to the planet instead of interstellar immigrants.

Soon after the Baku figured out the planet's special properties, they could have used their warp ships to spread the word to the galaxy, they didn't.

What's the morality of moving several hundred people in order to help multiple billions?

Instead of spoon feeding the audience, we're allowed to pick sides on our own. based on our own thoughts and beliefs. I like that.

None of that makes Son'a particularly interesting villains, especially since Ru'afo barely does anything during the film.

The movie can't seem to decide whether this is a gray conflict or black and white conflict. If this a gray conflict, the Son'a should have been made more sympathetic to reflect the gray nature of the conflict, if the conflict was more black and white, some of the crew should have disagreed with Picard.

The problem is, the Son'a greatest evil acts occur entirely off screen, so in a debate where one side is represented by drug dealing slavers, then one side is not well represented, but since the Son'a barely did anything menacing on screen, they are not very threatening either.

So the Son'a fail at being sympathetic and they fail at being scary, threatening villains. That's why making them "a little bit evil and little bit sympathetic" didn't work, because they were not sympathetic enough to be relatable and they were not evil enough to be menacing, so they were just bland. That is not the mark of a good villain, they are most forgettable villains to appear in a Star Trek movie.
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