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Re: Behind your Aft Nacelle

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I will never get over fact that people feel the need to post repeatedly on a thread that they don't like the tone of to just feed their already over inflated ego and assume I gave a crap what they thought.

Honestly just wondering if Orci already responded to the Aft Nacelle line over on TrekMovie or elsewhere and thought someone here might actually know. I hadn't seen it but maybe another fan had.
I have no problem with the "tone" of your thread at all. In fact, I addressed your question, gave a theory of my own, and made a joke that wasn't a criticism of you in the slightest (notice I called myself a nerd as well), but rather a commentary on how the production staff probably feels when they read these things and a mild ribbing of Orci's response in the TrekMovie thread.

What I did object to was your prior post, and I gave my reasons why.

Orci shouldn't be on the boards, in my opinion.
Why shouldn't he be able to enjoy discussing Star Trek as much as the next person just because he works on it in a professional capacity?

Go bully someone else, troll.
That one's a problem. You can't go calling people out like that. Hit notify or PM the other mod if you have a problem with a post.

Infraction for flaming. Comments to PM.
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