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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

I have no interest in getting into the fray over who done who wrong.

I will say, as a professional who has worked on a fair amount of Hollywood film crews and directed a hell of a lot of commercials and 1/2-hour live TV shows, I can tell you that Phase II's crew are the nicest, most decent people I've ever worked with. They are a pleasure to be with, and have put up with a lot of garbage on the job from NUMEROUS people who ended up leaving when it was clear there was a poor fit, or the group would not accept bad behavior. They've also dealt with a lot of unfair flaming on the internet.

It's been a pleasure to know these people at P2 and the greater STAR TREK community, and boy I gotta tell ya, during my recent hospital stay they raised a LOT of money to help this poor broke AIDS patient for my recovery and assistance.

Many people today would not bother; but my P2 friends, spearheaded by the loyal Alec Peters, and echoed by Rob Mauro and many others, set up a funding campaign for me to help with crushing expenses.

I also owe a lot of gratitude to James Cawley, who has always been there for me when I needed help. He even offered to give me home at one point when it looked as though I might wind up on the streets. Give me as in TO KEEP!!!

Not many people would step up like Alec, Rob, Kent Schmidt, James, and all my other friends and loved ones who I'm not mentioning here. You know who you are... you're angels.
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