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Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

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I'm curious what Wendy's game is right now, with the fake bruise. I cannot determine any goal that would require this as a step. Is she looking for a pity party to get back into Gemma's good graces or some other agenda? It honestly mystifies me.
I think Wendy and Tara have a plan regarding custody of the kids. Wendy is trying to get "in" with Gemma by sharing her fear of a violent rape (she has no reason to know about Gemma's assault unless Tara told her about it).

While Wendy is working Gemma, Tara is working Jax. I don't believe that she is pregnant. I think it is a ploy she is working to keep herself safe from her violent, soon-to-be ex-husband. I believe the lawyer and the administrator are all part of the plan to get the kids away from this violent, destructive life.

I hope Clay manages to stay alive until the final season. I know he should have been killed long ago...but I still find him more compelling than most of the other major players. The same goes for Tig. He really, really should be killed, but he is so interesting to watch I don't want him to go yet.

Loving Weller's character as well...
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