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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

^ Sons of Anarchy is about a outlaw biker club in California, their group dynamic and power struggles, their families and how they are affected by their criminal enterprises, drugs, etc. So, sort of similarly themed to Breaking Bad, though the characters and events are very different. But that's just my impression from seeing some commercials and clips and reading stuff online; I haven't actually seen the show yet.

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What are we all going to do come Monday when there is never anymore Breaking Bad again?
I'm going to start watching another series I haven't seen yet, like House of Cards or Orange is the New Black or maybe even Sons of Anarchy.
I don't know how much weight my opinion carries, but I do believe that all three are excellent.
From what I've read here over the years you are a man of impeccable taste, sir. Your opinion counts for a lot.
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