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What the hell is stopping the Son'a....just landing on another continent? What are the Bak'u planning on doing? Shelving their farms and bringing out some old school weapons that they have denounced?
There a few problems with this, to start the Sona couldn't just live on the planet to obtain the cure, because the cure would have effected them too slowly, they would have died.

There also the fact that they didn't really want to live there. It would be like you TheGoodStuff quitting your job, selling your house, saying goodbye to your friends, and having to moving next to the pharmaceutical facility that produces the drugs that keep you alive.

Better to have the drugs sent to you, and for the Sona (and the Federation) to have the magic particles distributed to their many planets.

And you also need to consider that the Baku were able to force the Sona off the planet once before, they probably still could.

"We asked the Ba'ku to leave the planet, or give us a continent the size of Australia while they kept the rest, so that we could build a vast medical facility....they refused."
In a interesting scene cut from the movie, a Ferengi (Quark) shows up and say that he was going to build a medical spa on the planet, Picard said that he wouldn't permit the construction of such medical facilities on the planet.

So much for that idea,

And instead of asking the Baku if they would willingly leave the planet, the Federation should have openly approached them and simply informed them of the harvesting of the particles, explain the effect of the harvest upon the planet (rendered uninhabitable for generations), and direct told the Baku to get their things together.

They were leaving.

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I also don't see the ENTIRE crew supporting him.
I wouldn't have. I don't get how no one at all said, "Uh, sir... "
Look at the episode Pen Pals, there was debate among the senior officers as to the course of action that should be taken. The officers disagreed as to whether or not the prime directive applied.

This type of discussion was absent from Insurrection, no one disagreed with Picard, no one voiced opposition.

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