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Re: Fox Developing "Gotham" Young Jim Gordon Series

The mashup I want to see is CSI and the Adam West Batman. If you look at the '66 show, Batman and Robin essentially functioned as the GCPD's crime lab. Commissioner Gordon would give them evidence and they'd analyze it with the scientific equipment in the Batcave. Or they'd be called to the scene to investigate something odd, like a giant umbrella or cookbook in the middle of the street, and would do science to it to determine if it was dangerous.

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But I'm not really sure what they can do outside of having this be another procedural that just happens to be set in Gotham City.
Maybe that's what they want. Networks love formulas, because they work. They're reliable ways to draw in large audiences. The goal is to find new twists and hooks and gimmicks to differentiate the shows without diverging too far from the formula. This procedural's about forensic scientists, this one's about a snarky medical examiner, that one's about a phony psychic, that one's about a face-reading expert, that one's about Sherlock Holmes, etc. And since there's always a market for more procedurals, they need new premises and characters to build them around.
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