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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

My mentioning of Vic Mignona previously had to do with the glaring ommission of his title as director of "Kitumba." Aren't you a producer now at Phase II now? Aren't you running post on that very episode? Why was his title ommitted? I'm not trying to defend what Vic did or didn't do with the footage and the cut of the episode; I'm genuinely curious why his credit was (purposely? - see what I did there?) ommitted.

As for the "bad blood" surrounding Vic and you (and it's only seemingly you; GSchnitzer sure felt the need to comment to clarify your opinions and replies don't stand for the entirety of the production crew) I may have referred to it but I'm not the only one in this thread who has noticed that you refer to it ALL. THE. TIME.

Maurice commented on the fact that you CONSTANTLY kvetch about it. Any chance it comes up, there you are reminding us that it happened. You don't mention any names but we know who you are referring to. That's how pervasive it has become. Even GSchnitzer had to come in afterward to clarify that you're only speaking for yourself. I merely pointed out that I agreed with Maurice and then I moved on.

I'm scouring the board rules now... and darn it I just can't -for the life of me- find where any of that is against the rules here.

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