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Re: What Are You Wearing?

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I haven't seen Holdfast around in ages (and I miss him too! Maybe his Fashion Sense will start tingling and we'll lure him back)
I miss him too. It was nice to have a guy who was even more obsessed with style than me!

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but perhaps there are some closet sartorialists of whom I remain unawares who will be enough to keep this baby going.
While I am no fashionista (I hardly own any designer clothes), I do like to dress sharply and stylish if the opportunity arises. I also love to mix and match different styles (sneakers with suits are becoming a trademark of mine).

Today I was pretty basic: stonewashed regular-cut blue jeans, close-fitting blue-and-grey checkered short-sleeved shirt, grey sneakers. Summery but still suitable for work.

Tomorrow I have a work-related social event, so I might want to come up with something nice and stylish.

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I decided to start never leaving the house in an outfit I wouldn't wish to be kidnapped by the next doctor and travel time and space in the Tardis. Really.
Best everyday-fashion guideline ever!
I have a better one: dress as you might be the Doctor.
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