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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

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Maybe we can keep this thread on track without the personal attacks?

Here is some of Pony Horton's work that will be seen in Kitumba.
Thanks for the posting of my (fabulous) work!

As to Kitumba, it's simply not color-corrected yet. It'll look fine when that's done.

I'm open to editing it myself if Kevin gets too busy with his regular job. James knows I edit for a living. Once I was cutting on a scene from MIND SIFTER. He asked to see the scene, and I told him, "This is the rough cut first pass."
After it was over he said, "Man, your rough cuts are better than most people's finished work.!"

I can have it done in less than a month, even with my health issues.

If I can help, I'm here.

Pony, I have the Kitumba drive and we will start working on it down in the valley at Sol 7 studios (the first studio to have 11:1 Dolby). Let's chat to see if you can make it down, or I can copy the drive and send it to you and we can work in tandem.

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