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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

It would be cool to see a reboot, but I really hesitate with that, and here's why: by continuing Trek instead of rebooting it, we continue to be unique. We can reboot storylines (Next Gen did often from TOS episodes), but by continuing, somehow, without a reboot, we aren't just another sequel or another reboot, we're PART of a HUGE saga, and, for fans like me, I like being part of something that big that hasn't just rebooted like every other movie out these days. Looking at a list of movies out this summer, 9 out of 10 were either sequals or reboots. Certain movie series are exempt from that, of course. Bond movies, LOTR, Star Wars... there are a few movies that are part of a larger saga, and people have accepted that.

Look at Batman, though. That series has been rebooted how many times, with how many actors, how many "begins-"type stories? By being the right part of a... thing... that Star Trek is, we have a chance to do a new series that, in many ways, will be viewed by some without having seen, nor the desire to watch, any other Star Trek at all. That's okay. That's awesome! Watch this and be happy. The other cool part is that, if done right, gives enough of a nod to the fans already that are loyal.

The Dark Knight movies did that very well. Hey new people, try this Batman, and see if you like it. They did. They loved it. But then again, that doesn't mean they're going to go back and watch the old ones. Same with the newest Bond movies. Bond fans don't worry about Canon. (How could they?) Each movie is a stand-alone movie (with the exception of the last three), some loved the Roger Moore movies, the Sean Connery movies, the Daniel Craig movies, and they'll never watch any of the others.

The most recent Trek flicks started out okay, built the roles for the new team, nodded to canon with Spock coming back from the future, had a good story. The second one, why it was empty, was that it seemed to be trying a little too hard to get people to watch it (that's why the revenues, while good, were disappointing to paramount, people can always tell. Batman Forever!) It was also way too much of a nod. Showing old Spock? Nod. Riverside, Iowa? Kobayashi Maru? Pike? Nods! Great nods! A minor-tweak copy of Kirk/Spock's "deaths" from ST2:TWOK? Too much! An homage is all you need. Not a word-for-word copy. An homage would have punched me in the emotional gut.

I suppose the really slow point here is that if you're going to make a Star Trek, make a STAR TREK, do it the way you want, to the best of your ability, and make it good enough to stand on its own two feet. If you can do that, IMHO, you're in like Flynn.
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