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Re: What Are You Wearing?

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Actually, I was thinking about how we didn't have a thread like this the other day. I won't say I love fashion, but I like it. Jup.

Now I'm wearing my comfy cloths for when I'm at home: Grey sweatpants, black tanktop and a Disney's Tiger hoodie. Earlier today I was wearing blue jeans with a blue long sleeve that falls over one shoulder, underneath I wore the black tanktop and over it I had a taupe jacked. I wore real nice (and comfy!) vans in orange and beige.
I love mixing a classy and toned-down color palette (taupe and blue) with a pop of funky color (orange in the Vans)! Would love to see the outfit.
Jewelry: The usual really. My watch, two rings and a necklace.

Hair/make up: I'm wearing a high ponytail and I painted my nails bright blue with grey and silver dots. (Essie, Avenue Maintain, Maximillian Strasse Her and Beyond Cozy if you must know the colors. ) I think I have a picture of the nails somewhere...
I didn't think to mention my hair, but then I never really style it. It's a classic bob, cut so I don't have to do anything to it. On rare occasion I pin it up, but usually it's the same. Autumn is the beginning of hat season, though, so looking forward to that! Anyway, here is today's outfit, with and without cardigan. I'm afraid I am incapable of taking a non-blurry selfie:


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