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The problem with the Ba'ku and thus the Son'a, for me, is actually very simple.

We can spend all day here debating the morality and ethics of each side, the pro's and con's....but for me the REAL, underlying issue with Insurrection's bizarre plot is that it is completely lacking one sentence that could have helped the film make a lot more sense...

"We asked the Ba'ku to leave the planet, or give us a continent the size of Australia while they kept the rest, so that we could build a vast medical facility....they refused."

That's it for me. YES the film has a zillion plot holes but they are all built upon this unanswered question. Was it asked? Did the Ba'ku give a reason? It makes everyone, from Ba'ku to Son'a to Picard look like idiots.

I actually LIKE the bumbled philosophical question that "Is it ever right to forcefully relocate anyone?". The execution, however, is dismal.

The Son'a, Bak'u and Picard all look like idiots. The Bak'u are what? 600 strong?

SIX HUNDRED. My University holds ten times that ammount. My city, about a hundred times. What the hell is stopping the Son'a....just landing on another continent? What are the Bak'u planning on doing? Shelving their farms and bringing out some old school weapons that they have denounced?

Imagine 600 people living in Ireland on Earth.....why would you not just land your people in China? Japan? Australia? Brazil? The sheer ratio of landmass to Bak'u is staggering. I really dont see what the problem actually is and the film DOESN'T ACTUALLY TELL US. At no point is it made completely clear that the Bak'u aren't willing to hand over a huge swathe of land for medical use.

Sorry for the lecture guys but it has always bothered me.
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