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Re: JD's Comic Book Thread

I want to recommend volume one of The First Kingdom by Jack Katz, out this week from Titan Books. It was originially published in 24 parts from 1974 to 1985. Titan is publishing it in six harcover collections with cleaned-up artwork and new lettering.

First Kingdom is a sprawiling tale of a post-apocalypse Earth, and mankind trying to reclaim the stars. The artwork and writing are both very dense and a real treat. The art reminds me a great deal of Hal Foster (Prince Valiant) or Alex Raymond (Flash Gordon). I remember a friend pointing this title out to me in a comic shop back around 1978 or so. It was black and white, and no one was wearing capes or tights, so I couldn't be bothered. I was wrong, Larry was right. A few years back I saw some of the artwork featured on a website, and I began kicking my own ass for having passed it over all those years ago. I am so glad that Titan has decided to put this into print again! I can't do this title justice, go look for your self!
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