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This doesn't affect me (Android user), but I was wondering what you guys thought of this (received in an email from NASA):

Subject: Apple iOS 7 Lockscreen Bypass Vulnerability

What is Happening: A vulnerability in Apple's recently released iOS 7 has been discovered allowing an unauthorized user to bypass the "lockscreen" security feature and gain limited access to a mobile device (iPhones and iPads) and their camera, photo gallery, and other applications which may be accessible from the iOS multitasking menu.

By default, iOS 7 allows its "Control Center" feature to be accessible from the lockscreen. By exploiting this feature's functions, an unauthorized user with physical access to the mobile device may be able to gain access to the device. Additional reports of similar vulnerabilities utilizing the "Siri" and "Emergency Call" features have also been found.

What Should You Do?
ACES has not yet deployed iOS 7 to agency iPhones and iPads. If any ACES or Non-ACES end-users have self-installed iOS7 on their mobile devices, they need to be aware of this vulnerability. At this time, there is not a “fix” ACES is able to push remotely.
All Users are reminded to exercise caution and maintain physical control over their devices at all times.

The following steps can be taken if end-users, with a device running iOS 7, wish to disable some of the affected settings:

Control Center:
1. Open ‘Settings’
2. Tap ‘Control Center’
3. Set ‘Access on Lock Screen’ to Off

Siri (when utilizing a passcode)
1. Open ‘Settings’
2. Tap ‘General’
3. Tap ‘Passcode Lock’
4. Set ‘Siri’ under ‘Allow Access When Locked’ to Off
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