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Re: Behind your Aft Nacelle

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With all the bombast from Orci about "I get to write movies and you don't" I am still wondering if there is an ounce of humility left for either he or the other writers to say 'we goofed' that line is total crap.
The fact that anyone feels they are obligated to address this or apologize to fans for an incredibly minor technical writing mistake is all the more reason why they should never do it, ridiculous allegations about humility or not. That would just feed certain fan's already overinflated egos and sense of entitlement.

How can anyone seriously think this is something that needs to be addressed publicly by the production team? It doesn't even affect the story. Just acknowledge that it's a mistake on your own and move on. If they do say something about it (doubtful), so be it. But no one is owed an explanation, correction, or apology.
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