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Anyone else played Battleship Live? I came across it today at my local bargain place and it looks interesting (can never have too much Battleship, right? ). It has some similarities to Electronic Battleship, but the tower works a bit differently. It tracks player moves and you have some new options, such as a spy plane to track stuff and each ship having a unique, one-shot special power. You can also move ships during play and deal with elements like rogue waves and fog.

I've heard a variety of reviews; apparently people either really like it or really hate it, and in part that seems to be because sometimes the tower doesn't track correctly. But without practicing, I can't judge.
Maybe you might like this Avalon Hill classic Flat Top

Flat Top is a board game of high complexity that covers the battles of the Solomon Seas between the United States and Japan in 1942. It is very well researched and covers all aspects of naval and air combat as it existed in 1942. The system depicts weather, air searches, air combat, surface combat, carrier operations, submarines, air bases, supplies, and much more. The game requires intense planning and searching since movement is covert and the map is pretty huge.

The units are individual ships and submarines with each air point representing three aircraft. Hexes are twenty miles, and each turn represents one-hour.

The game includes thirteen hundred counters, 4 maps to create a 44" x 28" map of the South Pacific, four Allied/Japanese operations cards, three player aid cards, and two log sheets.
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