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Re: What Are You Wearing?

Actually, I was thinking about how we didn't have a thread like this the other day. I won't say I love fashion, but I like it. Jup.

Now I'm wearing my comfy cloths for when I'm at home: Grey sweatpants, black tanktop and a Disney's Tiger hoodie. Earlier today I was wearing blue jeans with a blue long sleeve that falls over one shoulder, underneath I wore the black tanktop and over it I had a taupe jacked. I wore real nice (and comfy!) vans in orange and beige.

Jewelry: The usual really. My watch, two rings and a necklace.

Hair/make up: I'm wearing a high ponytail and I painted my nails bright blue with grey and silver dots. (Essie, Avenue Maintain, Maximillian Strasse Her and Beyond Cozy if you must know the colors. ) I think I have a picture of the nails somewhere...
(Don't worry, it's only good old Xip )
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